Update your beachwear and swimwear with these eco-friendly brands

Being responsible with our wardrobe is more important than ever, and an eco-conscious attitude shouldn't be forgotten when it comes to your dream vacation days and breezy summer wear.

Luckily today we have options and brands that place a high value on sustainability and ethical manufacturing are popping up with the most beautiful trends and designs. I just can't get enough of sustainable swimwear brands that offer pretty, sexy and comfortable swimsuits for all body shapes and sizes. Eco-friendly materials derived from recycled plastics not only make for beautiful, stretchy swimwear, but also ensure that no more waste ends up in the oceans, promoting a cycle of fashion that is much better for the planet. 

So, do you know what your swimsuit is made of?

Well let me tell you that the answer might surprise you. Emerging brands are finding new and innovative ways to make fashionable swimwear and beachwear that are more environmentally friendly than their nylon predecessors. Old fishing nets and all kind of marine waste are being repurposed by eco-friendly brands into sustainable swimwear and that is just something to get on board - ASAP!-

When buying sustainable swimwear, be sure to check out the brand's credentials: what materials are used, how they may impact the planet, and whether they support local communities or charities. If you have trouble finding this information, the brand probably is not as green as it claims to be.

Conscious First

We know that turning away from fast fashion and being more conscious of our choices is the way forward. That's why we've made it our mission to curate the best selection of eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical swimwear that will make you feel good inside and out. 

Most of our top picks come straight from Latin American designers, who Inspired by their surroundings, rich regional history, and year-round summers are definitely leading the way. New and more established brands are designing fantastic swimwear that is equally functional and fashionable. For many, what moves their souls is a strong passion for the planet, with some designers taking considerable steps to create sustainable pieces using upcycled fabrics and biodegradable packaging. Others rely on ethical factories and ateliers with local staff to create circular production that delivers both environmentally conscious and socially responsible fashion. Most of the brands come from Colombia, my country, and this is not just a nationality coincidence: Colombia displays some of the best swimwear manufacturing in all of Latin America. It is by now well known.

Below, we've  handpicked the best swim designers to take you through the hottest days of summer. Please, go ahead and take a look at the chicest resort looks there is to offer.

Ancora Swimwear

Under their own mantra: DRESSED CONSCIOUSLY TO SWIM, Ancora has established an enthusiastic and innovative lifestyle focused on real traveler souls.

With unique, avant-garde designs and the highest quality fabrics made from trusted recycled materials, they’re on their mission to bring you home a small piece of its Colombian roots and paradise. 

Each ANCORA piece is environmentally friendly made of filaments of recycled bottles that reduce the environmental effects of plastic waste.

A brand strongly committed to a sustainable production in all their product development, creating CONSCIOUSNESS and providing their own community of travelers with unique eco-luxury pieces to enjoy around the world and preserve our Earth paradise.

Smeralda Swimwear


Each art piece is made with the knowledge and care of our local artisans.


Our wearable art comes to life thanks to the caring and knowing hands of single mother artisans in local communities. Through our non-profit foundation, to help educate and provide job opportunities for them.

More than garments, our artisans craft elaborate art pieces with their hands, and at the same time, reach goals and transform their lives through art.

Since 2013 we have been creating sophisticated art pieces by combining traditional handcrafting and dyeing techniques with the wise and caring hands of single mother artisans. Each of our artisans builds dreams through their work and help us reach our goal: transform body and soul through art.

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